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So I just wanted to say thanks for uploading workout videos that really kick your ass and get you moving August 01, 2017 Sweetyhi Adrian I am on a diet from a long time.

I m also doing my workouts, not so high intensity but i do my workouts regularly. i was able to lose weight previously long ago with your help. June 03, 2017 Efia Hello Adrian I started your exercise program two weeks now, I work out 4 times a week using HIT.

I was thinking for aiming to the 1450-1630 range each day, and then having 1 or 2 500 calorie cheat meals a week. -Jacob October 01, 2017 nancyhi, i'm a 26 years female, 165 cm, 75 kg.. i want to lose weight in 5 weeks, it's ok to lose 7 kgs if it's difficult to lose 10kgs in that period of time my questions are: is 1400 cals good for my aim?Please let me know the process to receive the DVD without getting involved with social media. I'm looking to lose 50 to 60 lbs, is there any specific foods to eat or cut out in the beginning? August 15, 2017 Amina I just finished doing one of your bedsheet cardio workouts.In the beginning I was like 'oh this is easy, I could do this everyday', by the middle I was like 'I can't do this anymore', by the end I was like *dead*.I am not consuming more than 1100 calories as i m properly counting my calories. I also did interminent fasting, but realised I put weight on.My weight was around 88kg n I have reduced to 85.5 kg but now I am stuck on this weight. Now, I stopped fasting and I have been eating well, lots of fat burning foods and even following a healthy eating program with supplements.

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