Acesss online dating services

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In addition to free offers, the larger, more established dating sites are scrambling to join forces so that their growing databases will keep them well ahead of the competition., which is already one of the largest sites of its kind, is poised to couple with another titan in the Web singles marketplace, the One & Only Network.

So we are testing the ability to login via SMS directly from your mobile phone in various markets.

It’s all part of our ongoing effort to make Tinder more accessible to the global community.

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On the other side of the spectrum is first mover, a five-year-old site with over a million registered users.

On the Web, somewhere between the categories of financial information and pornography, is another key sector where people pay for access: online dating services.

Rather than exchanging books or CDs for cash, these sites trade on the quite powerful desire of singles to connect.

"If you don't have people logging in, you don't have a business." To compensate -- and to convince casual surfers to open their wallets and become registered users -- nearly all Web dating sites initially offer limited access and communication tools for free.

At one relatively small site, An-Online, "it is free to go on an online date and to send virtual flowers," according to founder Linda Sturgeon.

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