An error occurred while updating the configuration airport extreme

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i guess i'll have to reset the airport extreme again... i am not able to replace my existing router with another product.can i try plugging the extreme into the existing sky router and seeing if that extends the signal?This update is for all 802.11n Air Port Express, 802.11n Air Port Extreme and Time Capsule models.It fixes an issue with wireless performance and provides support for remote access to an Air Port disk or a Time Capsule hard drive with an i Cloud account.hi, is there no way to wirelessly extend a wireless network? this was not fixed when i then plugged it into the existing router and i assume i will have to reset everything in order to get to the airport extreme again through airport utilities. hi, i recently changed router and i can now setup the aiport extreme to wirelessly join a wireless netowk and get a setup complete message one i've done so.however, i do not get an option to then connect to the airport extreme and when going through the setup wizard for a second time i am unable to select the option of extending the network because if then asks me to choose which apple product i am extending.In any case Wi Fi extension is generally flaky and to be avoided.Air Port Troubleshooting guide Learn to troubleshoot common Air Port issues.

Change base station and network settings, or manage advanced features such as security modes, wireless channels, and more.i am unable to unplug the router at present but if this will not sort out the problem then i am at a loss of what to do. trying manual setup to extend a wireless network i get the error message: an error occured when trying to access the apple wireless device.make sure your network connection is valid and try again. i can let you know the router type in a couple of hours.I have a friend who enjoys doing a movie night once a month in the summer & uses the same set-up to stream movies from their Apple TV to their projector in the driveway on to the garage. All the kids in the neighborhood and families get together for an old fashion block-party of sorts in drive-in movie style. You can join a network but this will not increase the range of your wireless network.Unless you have a firmware that supports WDS on your 3rd party wireless router.

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