Buddhist dating christian

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Trends in the decline of Christianity’s dominance and the rise of interfaith marriage might indicate shift towards a more open and progressive American spirituality.But, it doesn’t take much Googling to uncover advice against the modern paradigm of the “nones” and blended faith families.If the goal was the spread the Gospel, “working” with an unbeliever might have impaired it.Today, my husband’s deep Hindu faith has taught me to dig deeper into what Jesus would have me do.So, I did what many female Millennials raised in South do to a find “godly, Christian man”: I went online.I took an intense e Harmony questionnaire which forced me to decide: was I open to dating someone of another faith?Because my now-husband and I are each ordained in our respective Christian and Hindu traditions, our first dates consisted of theological talk, and we became serious students of one another’s religions.But the nay-sayers were already warning against our courtship, and so we tackled 2 Corinthians head on, digging and wondering. An ancient scripture meant to deter us from getting involved with each other actually brought us together Our core beliefs in God became the focus of our study and relationship, not the issues that divided us.

There were only a handful of already-married 20 and 30-somethings in our parish, and while my new faith community was intellectually and spiritually fulfilling, I was lonely.The Greek for word “marriage” is not even used in this text, even though modern readings apply it to interfaith marriage.Rather, “yoked” signifies “work,” as one would yoke oxen together to plow or haul.For decades, pastors and rabbis have contributed to the cacophony of concern: “divided” households lead to the confused religious lives of future children, and then there’s the age-old, much-debated Christian argument of being “unequally yoked,” with another, a phrase attributed to Paul the Apostle.But, how does a Biblical warning allegedly issued by a 1st century theologian bode for the would-be interfaith couples of 2015?

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