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You can choose to liquidate your limited company (also called ‘winding up’ a company).The company will stop doing business and employing people.if it is able to draft a sworn statement of insolvency, which essentially states that the business is solvent, given current income and cash flow projections, it will be able to repay all existing and contingent debts and liabilities within a period of no more than 12 months of entering liquidation.Therefore, an MVL is not a solution for insolvent companies that are being pressured by creditors.Instead, an MVL can be used as an effective way to extract the value of a business in one lump sum and distribute it amongst shareholders.An MVL offers a number of tax advantages in comparison to withdrawing the value of the business in the form of dividends.

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In a compulsory liquidation one or more of your creditors petitions to the court to have your company forced into liquidation so that all of its assets can be sold and the proceeds used to repay outstanding debts.If the order is granted then any immediate threat of compulsory liquidation would be postponed while a licensed IP is appointed to act as the administrator of your company, operating with the goal of dealing with the debts and facilitating a return to creditors.If a winding up petition has not yet been served, but you've already received a formal demand for payment or creditors are already threatening liquidation then you may still have time to seek emergency financing.Are creditors threatening to put you out of business and force your company into compulsory liquidation?Are you wanting to stop this from happening, or are you considering the possibility of winding up voluntarily?

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