Can adolescent dating violence be prevented through school based programs

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"So the deputy is very sensitive to dealing with children with disabilities.

He's lived it every day for the last 33 years." Pained parents On March 4, the jury found Latson guilty of four charges, including assault of a law enforcement officer and wounding in the commission of a felony.

I'm trying not to resent him, but it's becoming increasingly difficult.

When the teen opened the door, Latson hit him and followed him inside. On Thursday, he was found guilty of breaking and entering. Now this kid who can't even communicate that he has to go to the bathroom until he's shit his pants, has this huge emotional trauma to deal with.And since his mother had to go to work to provide for the family, my wife got stuck watching him almost every day, so now I have this violent person in my home at least four or five days a week.Latson's case, however, was not a matter of a law enforcement officer being untrained, the prosecutor said."This deputy has a 33-year-old mentally retarded child," Olsen said.

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