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All other requests for discovery must be presented to the Court in writing with a copy of such request provided to the prosecutor.Reports may be picked up in person at the prosecutor's office at the City of Crystal City, 130 Mississippi Ave, Crystal City, Missouri 63019 or mailed if you provide a sufficiently sized, self-addressed envelope with proper postage affixed.The staff of the Municipal Court is comprised of the Honorable Edward L. The Court is responsible for recording alleged violations of city codes or ordinances, issuing summons to defendants and witnesses, hearing evidence presented in court, ruling on cases, receipting fines and court costs, and distributing such funds to their proper destinations.Page, judge, and Linda Freeman, prosecuting attorney. The Municipal Court primarily handles cases filed by the City of Crystal City Police Department and the Crystal City Department of Public Works.Pay Back is extremely disappointed to announce that, due to flooding, the Spe RUNking Sand Mine Challenge will not occur July 22, 2017 at the Crystal City Cave.

If you believe that there is incorrect or improper information on a particular obituary and you cannot correct it, please contact customer support to resolve the issue.If the recommendation is not accepted and paid in full by the date and time noted on the recommendation, it is the counsel's responsibility to contact the Court to obtain a continuance.Although the prosecutor may not object to a continuance, they are not authorized to continue Court dates.PLEASE NOTE: Due to changes by the Supreme Court to Rule 37.04, requests for recommendations mailed to the Court will not be processed by the Court.It is your responsibility to ensure that an entry of appearance is filed with the Court and a separate request for recommendation is mailed to the prosecutor's office.

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