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Almost 600,000 migrants have arrived in Italy over the past four years, putting Italy’s network of reception centers under huge strain and causing increasing political tensions, ahead of elections before May next year.Aerial photographer Jason Hawkes flew over Libya and photographed the ancient Roman cities of Leptis Magna and Sabratha from the air.Eventually, fighters from both countries announced themselves as loyal to Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.According to local media, the Isil incursion was sparked when security forces of the Libya Dawn faction which runs most of the west of Libya arrested two men in the nearby town of Surman, an Islamist hotspot.

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The neighbouring countries are Egypt, Tunisia, Niger, Algeria, Chad Mediterranean se and Sudan. Libya is a member of UNO, Arab League, African Union, Arab Maghreb union and OIC. Arabic is the major language spoken by Libyan people.ABOARD THE GOLFO AZZURRO, Mediterranean (Reuters) - The Libyan coastguard intercepted a humanitarian rescue ship in the Mediterranean on Tuesday, ordering it to sail to Tripoli or risk being targeted, a Reuters photographer aboard said.It was the latest in a series of incidents in which non-governmental organizations (NGOs), operating on the edge of Libyan waters to rescue migrants trying to cross from Africa to Italy, have been threatened by the Libyan coastguard.The Golfo Azzurro, operated by Spanish humanitarian organization Proactiva Open Arms, was repeatedly contacted by a Libyan coastguard vessel, according to radio transmissions heard by the photographer.“You are sailing in our waters for months now and you are conducting activities that are causing problems to Libyan state sovereignty,” said a man who identified himself as part of the Libyan coastguard, speaking in English. The Golfo Azzurro was then told to leave Libyan waters.

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