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The doctor came round yesterday and said that there's nothing more they can do, as it's too far advanced now. She never lay in the sun, so I can't understand how skin cancer was able to develop. She's got a loving family and so many friends, and so much to live for. She's never going to be able to read my articles again. She's never going to be able to go to church again. I honestly think we have this image that our parents and grandparents are never going to leave us but they always do.

The Iain Rennie nurses said they've never seen such an aggressive skin cancer. I know that's not how it works, but I still feel angry. She's never going to make her famous lemon drizzle cake again. Thinking about you and remember your grandma will give you strength to cope with what lies ahead. I'm thankful I had 23 years with my grandma, and they were happy, joyous and fun-filled years.

I'm 23, and my beautiful 76-year-old Grandmother is dying from skin cancer.

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They did a biopsy and found it was cancerous, so she went into hospital to have an operation to remove it on my birthday, the 18th of February. She has my dad and my auntie, but she never forgot her other babies. My childhood was happy, fun and safe, and she taught me so much. She's the reason I left my job in retail to pursue my dream to be a journalist, and she was so proud of me when I got a job at the local paper.She's never going to be able to hold her patch working group again. Take care of yourself Mickied Hi Mickied, Thank you so much for your reply, it's a great comfort to talk to people who are going through or have been through the same thing. She was a very loving, tactile person and she taught me to be open about my feelings and emotions. She and the memories we made will always be in my heart.She's never going to be able to hug me again and say 'god bless' when she says goodbye after I visit her. And that's why I don't think I found it as hard or scary as I thought I would to sit by her bed and hold her hand yesterday. I don't think anyone can ever be truly gone, because they live on in our hearts.ok 90s too as long as they are mature :) The chatters in Senior Chat are typically 40 years old and the chat topics are relatively clean.Our rooms are dedicated to different topics and areas of interest.

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