Intersex chat life

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• Hermaphrodites are found among animals and plants, but intersex individuals are found among humans.

• Hermaphrodites are viable for reproduction while intersex individuals are usually not.

Simultaneous hermaphrodites have both male and female reproductive systems active at once, but the self-fertilization has been usually avoided.

From the animal world, Earthworms provide good examples for simultaneous hermaphrodites.

This phenomenon is more common among plants than in animals, but there are many dominant hermaphroditic invertebrates.

There are two main types of hermaphrodites, known as Sequential and Simultaneous, based on the periods that their sexual activities take place.There are pseudo hermaphrodites like hyenas, as well.When it comes to human hermaphroditism, it is mainly known as intersex, yet the phenomenon is a disorder in humans.As the ISNA explained, there are many variations of intersex.A person may appear to be female at birth, but they have mostly male-typical anatomy internally.

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