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They like to see how participants deal with conflict and also feel that the format helps them to see how candidates think and what they are most passionate about.Some companies will provide an agenda and some advance information about what to expect. The folks at Sausalito-based job listings site (a great overall resource in your interview prep process) provide a collection of additional group interview examples that have been shared by interviewees.3) Group Followed by Individual Interview — Some organizations will conduct the group activity and/or discussion and then meet with candidates individually to ask additional questions.Big Interview’s Pamela Skillings has helped her coaching clients prepare for a variety of group interview scenarios.

Everyone takes turns and your mission in this interview process is to make yourself memorable to the person conducting the interview.Brian Pfeiffer, former manager at Rural Metro Medical Services in New York, says that his company used the group interview format as a “standard hiring practice.” He reveals that his company found the group interview as the best approach particularly because the traditional one-on-one interview may not afford a strong connection, good fit, or vibe between a particular interviewer and applicant, through no fault of the candidate.Two main types of group interview formats involve discussions and activities.For example, are you supportive of other team members or are you going to throw them under the bus (figuratively, we hope)?In a group interview setting, interviewers often pose hypothetical problems or situations to the group as a whole and allow the group to engage in activities to solve or address the issue.

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