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In September, Licia Perea, who was recently appointed Bootleg's director of dance, presented the third annual Blak Tina Festival, celebrating Black and Latina choreographers. And, last June, the Lester Horton Awards, a celebration of Southern California's dance community presented by the Dance Resource Center, took place at the equity waiver-sized space.No stranger to awards herself, Edmunds, 50, who was born in a small town in Washington state, was the first visiting scholar at Philadelphia's Pew Center for Arts & Heritage this year."It [was] an in-depth survey in key arcs in this hugely significant choreographer's practice.

"When I am looking at work and different artists and companies and bands and theater makers, there's not a fixed criterion line.Hanna, 44, was born in Ithaca, New York, and came to L. in 1996, where she has worked as an actor, director, choreographer and producer.The Bootleg, an inclusive art space for original, boundary-defying live theater, music, and dance performances, was born from the diverse cultural and artistic landscape of L. The Bootleg is primarily known for its co-productions with other companies.Of course, we want to be moved by something, as well." Finding the work is a crucial part of the job, and Hanna said she is particularly interested in what's happening locally."Work tends to come to us, and when an artist walks in the space, ideas start popping." Bootleg's dance element has been a boon for local choreographers and troupes. branch of Pentacle, a service and support organization, has also presented the dance festival, Homegrown.

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