Ludwig badge dating

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Earliest models have hand engraving on the hoop, while the later models (1930) had the hoops stamped.Ludwig & Ludwig strainers were relatively unchanged until around 1936.

In 1926, a metal snare guard was offered that could be attached to a Super-Ludwig drum to protect the mechanism from damage.In late 1941, a three position strike plate was added behind the strainer lever, giving the modern Swing drummer the option of tight snares, loose snares or no snare sound at all. Government restrictions, very few metal parts were to be used for drum making.Also that year, a rather novel snare drum called the In late 1941, the United States entered World War Two and by 1942, drum production was severely limited as resources were being redirected to the war effort. As a result, Ludwig & Ludwig produced a relatively small amount of Victory model drums.This was especially useful for gut snares which would loosen under certain humidity conditions.A drummer could change from a set of gut snares to a set of silk-wire snares in a matter of minutes if desired.

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