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An interim permit (IP) may be issued to graduates of nursing schools who have applied for licensure and documents of graduation have been received.

An IP allows individuals, who have met the other licensure requirements, to practice as a graduate nurse only in the state of Nevada for a maximum of three (3) months.

If the individual passes the NCLEX and has met all other licensure requirements, s/he is issued a permanent license.

If the individual fails the NCLEX, the IP is no longer valid -- it expires when the official results are received, regardless of the time remaining on the interim permit.

The practice of nursing is not limited to paid employment. You have been practicing nursing if you were hired as an RN or LPN, and you use your nursing knowledge, skill and ability on a daily basis in a paid or volunteer capacity.

Your first renewal period may be two years or less, depending on when your birthday falls in relation to the issue date of your license/certificate.

If you have been selected to submit fingerprints on renewal of your license/certificate, your license/certificate is only renewed for 6 months pending receipt of the fingerprint reports.

If you have passed the NCLEX but do not have a SSN, your exam results are retained indefinitely.

You may be required to submit a new application if your previous application has expired.

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