Ouran host club dating game online

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In fact, they have every intention of stealing Haruhi away from the boys.

Flustered and at a loss, their patented skills having anything but the desired affect, Tamaki concocts a plan to win Haruhi's loyalty. A nightmare of squalor and dire poverty drives Tamaki to investigate Haruhi's "aggregate commoner dwelling," and of course the rest of the Host Club just can't be left behind! An irresistible tyke wanders into the Host Club in search of her long lost brother, and it seems just about any young blond thing will do the trick.

And of course, Tamaki is more than pleased to have an adoring "apprentice." But Shiro soon proves more than a handful as his brutal honesty and his keen eye set everyone's heads to spinning! Stressed with keeping up their good looks day and night, the boys are on vacation.

When Haruhi and Honey go undercover, the Host Club soon understands the young student's dilemma. But before the fun can get started, their rest and relaxation turns into a search and rescue – Honey's missing!

When Haruhi divulges the secret of how she can tell Hikaru from Kaoru, a little bit of differentiation turns into a whole lot of confrontation!

It almost makes one wonder if there are dark forces conspiring against the two.

As Mori and Haruhi head off into the jungle, Kyoya calls in Otori family resources.

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But her break from Ouran Academy is cut short when Ouran Academy comes to her!Though the apartment's a tight fit, there's more than enough room for the special kind of trouble they bring. If only she knew her real sibling was lurking about nearby.And when Haruhi's mother comes home to catch the club president in a compromising position… Apparently the family's cursed, with Nekozawa sensitive to the light and his baby sister terrified of the dark.But as she takes an interest in the newest client to come her way, Haruhi untangles the reason behind the young woman's "host hopping." With a formal party right around the corner, it's the perfect opportunity for Tamaki to mastermind a scheme and bring the pre-destined lovers together. Tomorrow's the physical exams and at Ouran Academy, the hormones are raging. Of course, this almost certainly spells trouble for anyone who spends her days in disguise. Too bad there's a suspected pervert on the loose and wandering the halls – And no, it's not Tamaki!Tamaki's under duress, jealous of the relationship the twins enjoy with their classmate Haruhi.

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