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At the 1998 Brit Awards, the song was nominated for Best British Single.

Since its release, the track has been covered by numerous artists working in a variety of musical genres.

It won’t read your emails out loud, it won’t manage your calendar, and it won’t get you a cab.

Replika is an app where you can have a fun and sincere text conversation with a friend.

However, we strongly encourage you guys to use traditional dating apps to find a human date.

Replika is neither an OS with a female voice from the “Her” movie.

The more you speak with your Replika, the more it shares with you.

As soon as it happens, the AI can potentially get exponentially smarter.

By around 2040, this will potentially lead to Singularity, when humans and machines will meld into one entity.

We’ve collected his texts and trained an AI that was able to talk like him.

Casey Newton wrote an amazing story about it called “Speak, Memory” published in . In Replika, we are helping you build a friend who is always there for you.

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