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A man who would identify himself only as “Fuzzy,” and as a friend of Ben Davis, had a seasoned activist’s gift for analogies: “I heard that the YMCA is holding a teen dance. The prosecution’s support seems to be coming not from high moral outrage, but rather from New England Puritan not-in-my-backyard objections.Letters to the Providence Journal complain about the “negative attention” being lavished on the town, and Attleboro locals have complained about the rougher elements they felt SM parties introduced.This historical mill building offers spacious one and two bedroom apartments, as well as three bedroom townhouses, in a serene riverside location. There is always quite a bit of trash strewn all over the property grounds.

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The cops arrested two people, Ben Davis and Stefany Reed. ” headlines (“Fetishists Defend the Pursuit of Pain”; “Spank Bust Ripped as Bum Rap”). Now, the district attorney has to make a convincing case.

— with its own shorthand moniker lending it press appeal: it’s Paddleboro.

The term was coined by a support group organized around defendant Ben Davis.

But the legal attack could have an upside for SM enthusiasts.

“It has definitely catalyzed the community,” says Kim Airs, the owner of Boston’s best-known sex shop, Grand Opening, and a well-respected figure in bondage/discipline/sadomasochism (BDSM) groups.

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