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Suzanne and I and Carrie Ann were living in Park Forest, Illinois in a two bedroom ranch we had recently purchased.

JY's father who owned a construction business was tearing out a bunch of acoustic ceiling tiles out of the University of Chicago and had asked if we had any use for them.

A terrific anti war movie set in a German prisoner of war camp during WWI.

I made note of the film's title and thought immediately it would make a fantastic title for an album.

The song Grand Illusion with help from everyone in Styx became not only the albums theme but one hell of a show opener.

Or was it "What Has Come Between Us" a song given to us to record that contained the lyrical chorus "Lovely Lady" that I thought sounded pretty cool that once again had seeped into my brain.It's good to have high expectations and goals because every once in a while you could fall over yourself head first into something special.Most times however you simply bump your head but not that time.Throw in Brad Delps supersonic vocals and Ya got somethin.Turn on any classic hits or classic rock station today and you might think it's still 1976, thats how monumental that record was.

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