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However, in the end, only one can win each of their hearts.Tuesday’s Terrific Teaching Tips (4T) is faculty sharing their best practices and tips with each other across disciplines and faculties at Nor Quest College, a large Alberta college where upgrading, health and business are taught in a very diverse context.

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In order to find time for applied research activities in the Standard Workload Formula (SWF,) it is possible for professors to have some course reduction – usually one or two courses in a semester, and/or a temporary reduction in other responsibilities - but these practices are largely contingent on the professors’ working relationship with their departmental managers.

The practices in terms of finding the necessary time for applied research activities are by no means consistent within a single institution, much less across the group of Ontario colleges, with the result being that time for research activities appears to be applied on a somewhat haphazard basis.

This session will explore the evolution of applied research in the Ontario college system, how applied research activities can be incorporated into curriculum, and how by doing so, both professors and students may benefit from the applied research experience.

By focusing on three main pillars of contribution, the notion of a ‘deficit model’ sometimes associated with teaching stream positions, in which a candidate’s portfolio of achievements is lacking the equivalent comparator to research activities required of research stream faculty, is avoided.

In this round table discussion session led by faculty holding the rank of Professor of Teaching and Senior Instructor, we will describe the initial years of operation of and promotion to this rank, highlighting a range of career trajectories and portfolios of expertise amongst current Professors of Teaching.

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