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The Project covers an area of approximately 15km2 and includes identified copper, zinc and lead occurrences.

Exploration within the Project area commenced with the discovery of the Salt Creek volcanogenic massive sulfide deposit in the mid 1970’s.

Raisebook has secured a very small allocation of the in demand IPO of Tando Resources. If you wish to bid with multiple entities, please email [email protected] you submitted your first bid and we will see what we can do.

Please be aware that making a bid does not necessarily guarantee we can accept it. Tando Resources Limited (“Tando”) is a junior exploration company with a conditional right to acquire one mineral exploration project located in Western Australia, the Quartz Bore Project.

The Company plans to evaluate these in light of previous exploration and prioritise those for exploration.

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The project area spans a wide cross-section of the Edmund and Collier Groups of the Bangemall Supergroup.

Historic drilling is summarised as follows and suggest the discovery is open at depth and along strike: Tando will initially focus drilling activities around three primary targets: Balla Balla Prospect: was discovered in June 2008 via reverse circulation drilling.

It is contained within a similar stratigraphic sequence to the zinc mineralisation at the adjacent Salt Creek Project (held by Venturex Resources).

West Balla Balla Prospect: The prospect is a sediment hosted stratabound massive sulphide body, hosted on the northern flank of the Caines Well Batholith within a relatively thin sequence of the metasediments cistern formation).

The West Balla Balla prospect is considered to be a volcanogenic massive sulfide style of mineralisation based on its presence within metasedimentary volcaniclastic and epiclastic rocks within a bimodal volcanic sequence in which rhyolite is the footwall to the deposit.

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